Irlene Mandrell knows there are miracles all around us. She’s heard so many miracles through friends and family that she put them into her own book, God Rains Miracles. She herself has also experienced many miracles.


After the wonderful response she got from her 2018 book, Irlene decided to spread her stories of everyday miracles even further with her brand new 2020 Radio Show On Renegade Radio Nashville. 

In her very first episode of “God Rain’s Miracles,” Irlene talks to Country Music Hall of Fame member and her own sister Barbara Mandrell about the tragic car crash that nearly took her life in 1984. Speaking candidly to her baby sister, Barbara shares details that no one knew to this day and how she still suffers the effects of the crash, but it’s a true miracle that she and her children survived.  



Every Sunday 12 PM ET - Repeats Wednesdays 7PM ET. 

"God Rain Miracles" Guest Schedule 2020

Barbara Mandrell - aired - May 1, 2020

Louise and Mary Mandrell - aired - May 8, 2020 

Rick and Diane Goodman - aired May 17, 2020

Dawn Loves Nash - aired - May 24, 2020 

Former Do-Rite Dino Pastin - aired - May 31, 2020

Vicki Lynn Maxwell - aired - June 7, 2020 

Grant Vander Veur - aired - June 28, 2020

Wade Hayes - aired - July 5, 2020

Deborah Evans Price - aired - July 12, 2020


Tammy Collie - airing - July 19, 2020

Kelly Lang - airing -  July 26, 2020

Also coming up on the show in August 2020 - Scott Hamilton and 1990's hit maker John Berry talk about their miracles... 

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