Check out the interview below with Irlene Mandrell about the upcoming Nashville Home Show.

It’s almost time for the Deerassic Classic! I have been the spokesperson for this event for the past ten years. Aug. 2nd and 3rd in Cambridge Ohio. This is an annual event to raise money for the NWDEF whose mission is to inspire lifelong learning for youth and their families. Great cause and an incredible time!

I am very excited about doing this concert for so many reasons! This is such a wonderful opportunity for the children’s choirs to work with the celebrities and top players in one of the most widely recognized performance venues. It helps support great charities. I get to work with Kallen Esperian and Tom Wopat!  WOW!  Hope you can join us!

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It’s so hard to believe that my baby girl Christina just graduated! She actually graduated a semester early. She pushed herself to do this so we could tape some shows. I was very excited that she decided to go  ahead and make the walk to get her diploma. It was so exciting! The icing on the cake…The graduation present she wanted was for me to take her to Memphis to see Paul McCartney! We had a blast!
Most of the audience was my age or older. Like me, they had waited to see him perform live, ever since he had been one of the Beatles in the sixties. I was very young then, by the way.
What really made this wonderful concert even more incredible,was that Christina loved it as much as I did.

Deric, Vanessa, Christina and I are putting together a stage show. Deric had been away working, for about four years. Now that he’s back and preforming with us, we are having the greatest time!  When we are singing and preforming we are very supportive of each other, but when it comes to who is the funnest or wittiest, it’s a contest. Of course, I win!

We have had some people asking about my Celebrity Shotgun Shoot. We put this on as a charity for Wish Upon A Star and The Boy Scouts Of America. We did this at different ranges around the Country for fourteen years. The last one we put on was to honor Barbara, Louise and My Father, Irby Mandrell. He was also our music manager and had received many awards for that. Daddy had been in the Navy and was a Police Officer when I was born, this was the reason we felt lead to honor Him with a shooing event. It was also appropriate because he, like the rest of his family, truly believed in our second amendment rights.

Louise is now a Grandmother! Her Daughter, Nicole, Blessed her with a beautiful granddaughter named Larkin Rory . I need to give her husband, Kyle Bagwell credit too.

My niece by marriage, Christy Sutherland, just premiered in a Christian movie. Most of the family was able to be there which was a lot of fun. The thing that made it the most fun though was that She did a wonderful job! Her husband, Matt Dudney (Barbara’s oldest Son) was an executive producer on the film. It’s called Inspiration Pop 2929 the cast also included, Jason Crabb, Jackie Stewart, Larry Gatlin and a lot of other great actors and singers. If you want you check it out along with some really wonderful singing and incredible song writing go to







My family and I are very grateful to all of you for caring about us and keeping in touch!  Thanks so much!  Irlene

An excerpt from ‘God Rains Miracles’

We knew Joe Maphis, his wife Rosie, and their three kids very well. After Uncle Joe passed away, his daughter Lorrie, prayed for a sign that her Dad was alright. While she was packing some of her things, she came across a small photo album. She looked through it, but it was empty. She tossed it in the box that she was packing. She then left for work.

When she returned home, the photo album was on the couch where she had been sitting. She thought it was strange because no one had been in the house. She picked it up and a piece of paper fell out. She opened the paper, it said, “I love you”, and signed “Daddy”. She had never seen the paper before and it was her Daddy’s writing.

An excerpt from ‘God Rains Miracles’

“… I remember my youngest Daughter, Christina had her driver’s license less than a year.” I was concerned that with cell phones and music that she might get distracted. She was driving on the highway behind a flatbed semi- truck carrying a large load. She said. ‘Mom, God told me to switch lanes, so I did. Right after, something really big flew off the truck and hit where I would have been.’ Of course it made me extremely happy, not only did she listen but responded to God’s message.

An excerpt from, ‘God Rains Miracles’

“…my Dad, Irby Mandrell, loved music.” As a young boy, he and his best friend, Clinton Johns, used to sing and play guitar together when they were in school. After Daddy joined the Navy, at seventeen, it put an abrupt stop to their duo.

One night while Dad was at sea, his ship was torpedoed. In the pitch black night, the ship was sinking. Men were grabbing life boats. They were trying to get up out of the freezing water, to survive. My Dad pulled a fellow sailor into the life boat. They were there all night long. With the light of day, Daddy discovered, the sailor he had rescued was his best friend, Clinton. Dad didn’t know that Clinton had also joined the Navy let alone on the same ship!

After the Navy, Dad married the woman of his dreams and they were about to have their first child. Daddy started praying because the doctor has told him that his young wife and baby would neither one survive. God sent a miracle this Christmas Eve; a doctor walked in and recognized him. Dad had been a Pharmacist Mate. This was a doctor that he had assisted in the Navy. Not only did this doctor say that he would help, he also ask Daddy to assist. Christmas Day that year, held the greatest miracle in Dad’s life. Not only did his beautiful wife and baby daughter survive, but God let him help save their lives.

Published:  Friday, August 24, 2012 12:08 AM CDT

For The Portland Leader

The Portland Ballroom studio, founded by John Ford, recently sent a pair of dancers to the Millennium Annual Dance Competition, held in Tampa, Fla.

With over 6,000 dancers, the competition is hailed as one of the biggest dance competitions in the world and lasts for six days. Vanessa Mandrell Boyer and Lou Ponce represented Portland. The couple danced in 21 dance heats, placing first in 15.

The dancing duo visited one of Florida’s most elite resorts, the Columbia Resort in Yabor City and enjoyed watching the spectacular Flamenco dancing.

The couple enjoyed the Millennium Competition’s dance event for children under the age of 15.

“It was humbling to most of the adults to watch these kids who can dance better than the adults themselves,” said Dr. Ponce. “It seems that it was a special resolve to us to ‘practice, practice, practice.’”